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Welcome to Buchanan Fields Golf Club


The Buchanan Fields Golf Club is an NCGA member club that calls the Buchanan Fields Golf Course home. The purpose of the club is to promote and encourage the sport of golf overall, to promote and encourage the pleasure and recreation of the sport for the members of the club, and to provide sociability and friendship among the members.

The club has three standing tee times each week at the Buchanan Fields Golf Course: 

Tuesday:  9:40 AM (check-in by 9:15); 4-player scramble
Thursday: 9:40 AM (check-in by 9:15); 4-player best ball (best score)
Saturday 8:40 AM (check-in by 8:15); 4-player scramble

In addition, the club has very unique and fun monthly tournaments and has two travel outings each year.  Take a look at the Tournaments page and the Photo Gallery!

ALSO, we send out fun newsletters several times each year (check it out under the tab "More") and end the year with a popular holiday party! We strive to MAKE GOLF MORE FUN!


For a Buchanan Fields Golf Club brochure, click here 

For a Buchanan Fields Golf Club membership application, click "Become a member"
    in the upper left corner or email

For a Buchanan Fields Golf Club rules of play brochure, click here

For an overview of the changes in the Rules of Golf, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the website of Buchanan Fields Golf Course.
If you wish to make a tee time or talk to any of the staff, please call 682-1846

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